California has the most stringent and comprehensive laws in the nation governing labor, field sanitation, worker safety and pesticide use. Beach Street Farms utilizes the recommended quality assurance program that is standard in the berry industry and was developed by the California Strawberry Commission. The Quality Assurance program provides the framework to document and verify compliance with these strict standards.

In 2001, Beach Street Farms instituted a third-party audit program to ensure compliance with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP's) and FDA guidelines.

Before our berries are shipped, they are double inspected 100%, once in the field and again by a quality control inspector at the shipping facility.

To efficiently manage our supply, every individual tray has the harvesting crew number. In addition, the pallet on which trays are stacked for transport are bar coded with the fruit's harvest date, harvest location, variety and the number of trays on pallet. Internally, the pallet information is married with the pallet destination, customer purchase order number and transportation entity. This careful tracking system ensures we have complete information for every pallet and tray we ship.