Follow the checklist for every delivery of Beach Street Farms berries.

Don't break the cold chain
Strawberries destined for retail distribution from warehouse must be kept cold until they have reached their final destination.

Remove bags immediately upon arrival
Improper handling of bagged pallets can result in an off flavor. Strawberries on pallets that have been bagged and treated with carbon dioxide will warm during the transport as a result of the respiration.

Immediately place strawberries into a cold room
Never allow strawberries to sit in room or on the dock un-refrigerated. Optimum temperature is 32 to 34 degrees (breakdown begins at 36 degrees) with high humidity (90 to 95 percent) when not on display.

Keep strawberries away from moisture
Strawberries must never come into contact with moisture, misters, etc. Moisture will cause rapid breakdown of the berry. Ethylene gas does not affect strawberries.

Display strawberries in primary locations
With proper cold chain management, strawberries can be displayed on dry tables for maximum exposure and movement. Rapid turnover is the best defense against shrink. Keep all displays well stocked, especially during peak shopping hours of 4 to 8 p.m.