The Three Most Important Elements in Beach Street Farms Strawberry Promotions*:

#1: Purchasing
Plan your orders in advance. Order aggressively, especially when strawberries appear in display ads, since sales can more than triple.

#2: Advertising
Advertise frequently. A well-planned strawberry ad will bring customers into your stores and increase overall dollar volume. 52% of heavy strawberry consumers will switch stores just from a strawberry ad.

49% of heavy use customers put strawberries on their shopping list in advance. Once a customer enters the store, merchandising is the key. 60% of all strawberry purchases are on impulse. A prominent and attractive display will win your customers over.

#3: Merchandising
Offer your customers multiple packaging options. 17% more strawberries are sold when customers are given a choice. Avoid out of stock conditions. Over one-third of heavy strawberry users will switch stores if you are out of stock. Cross merchandise to maximize sales.

High turnover is the key to success. Rework you strawberry display and spot check throughout the day.

62% of shoppers surveyed said they have made special trips to the store to purchase strawberries.

*Source: California Strawberry Commission